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An inventive, modern template with a light and a dark theme, that can be easily adapted to your own branding.

Feature Animation
Responsive Illustrations

The illustrations change depending on screen dimensions.

The illustrations adjust to the browser’s width not only by simply resizing but also by changing their shape to fit the space better.

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Feature Animation
Adjustable Theme Colors

The main colors can be changed with just a few clicks.

Theme colors can be adjusted to your branding in the “Designer” view, simply by changing the color of one of two squares on the homepage.

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Feature Animation
Adapting To Content

The illustrations adapt to the text content that you use.

After you put your text content in, the illustrations will adjust themselves to look good with the new amount of text.

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All the features are present both in the light and the dark version.

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Go creative with this inventive template, that has all the pages you need to start, custom-made illustrations, engaging animations, all in light & dark variations.

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